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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Okay, Last weeks deals!

Okay, first up I went to Roche Bros where this month Nantucket Nectars are on sale for $1 each! If you've been lucky enough to snag the 60 cent off coupons from tear pads these are free! I got 71 for NOTHING! And I love these things, SO yummy!

At Target, Post Its were on sale $1 (not sure if this was week long or month long sale price) but theres a PDF coupon you can print out as many times as you like. So I got 52 free post it pads! (I can't figure at the moment how to post PDF link ups on here, I'll work on it. But in the mean time if you want the pdf, leave a comment and i'll email it to you!)

Good 'ol CVS! 
Razor was 9.97-$4 coupon-$5 ECB= 97 cents.
Right Guards were all BOGO at 3.29, I had a few $3/2 coupons so each two for 29 cents!
Zegrid was 9.99-$3 coupon, it was an overage with the coupon for ECB.
Blink was free after the ECB and there was a 1.50 overage with coupon
Sobe waters were thankfully on sale BOGO again and I had more BOGO Coupons from the sobe game I've been playing pretty much everyday.

Rite Aid!
Re-nu and Tums rolls, both on sale $1, I found $1 off coupons for both online so all free!
butterfinger bars, BOGO- coupon for one free = both free!
Veet 6.49 - $3 manufacturer coupon - $3 in ad rite aid coupon = 49 cents
scrubbing bubbles 2.99 - $1 coupon
three tides at 3.99 - $3 coupon each = 99 cents a piece
After coupons, including a $5/25 coupon = 1.55!

Not as great a deal as my other run to Rite aid but still decent. My fiance needs to use the ProNamel tooth paste, and it was on sale buy one get one half off. I had four dollar off coupons so each was 3.25 after sale & Coupons. Pepto was 6.49- 1.50 coupon. two chex, 1.50 each - 50 cent coupon on each - RR = 50 cents a piece. Ritz 2.99 - $1 coupon - $1 RR = 99 cents for the box! After all coupons and deals (including my $5 off 25) I paid 11.94.

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