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Monday, August 9, 2010

Okay! Last weeks deals!!

Okay so I got a bunch of great deals last week! *Yay!* 
Before I start, FYI I posted a list of shorthand/phrases used typically for deals and such. (Hope it clears up any confusion) (As I'm flying about town getting things done, I have a total of 4 cvs stores, 2 rite aids and one walgreens lol, if I went to the next two over theres another of each too).

First off I went to CVS! I had several deals here that I was pretty jazzed about!

First off Dawn dish soap was on sale for 97 cents, and I had dollar off coupons. I got all six bottles (seen below) free!

Gillette proGlide razor, was 9.99 and I had a $4 coupon, there was $5 ECB so it was 99 cents!

The colgates were both 2.99, with $2 ECB and I had dollar off coupons! So both were FREE!

And last but not least the altoids was on sale 1.49-$1 ECB= 49 cents.

Then *ah* one CVS near me had a big table outside 90% OFF! *nice* I got a box of cvs tampons (40 count) for 52 CENTS! Got two 2 packs of cough and cold medicine for 1.29 each! Plus a couple cute hair clips for 29 cents a piece, wind chimes for 49 cents - 1.29 (yay cheap xmas gifts) etc etc. It was an AWESOME finds!

 And I also scored some almost free mouth care products! This was a limit 2, and was buy $10 get $5 ECB. One order of three giant mouthwashes, on sale 3.99 each - $2 coupon off each = $6 - $5 ECB = $1!!

Then I did it a second time with one big mouthwash 3.99 and two toothbrushes 2.99, had another $2 off mouth wash and two $1 off one toothbrush coupons, so it was 5.96 - $5 ECB = 96 cents!

ALSO after having been to FOUR cvs stores in my area the last one finally had a 18 count of playtex gentle glide lol. (For some reason the other three were all out sadly bah) But it was 36 ct on sale for 6.99 - $3 ECB - $1 coupon = 2.99, PLUS I had a coupon for a free 18 ct with the purchase of a 36 ct box!!
Butterfingers on sale buy 2 get 1 free, and I had a coupon for a free one so 3 for the price of one!

 I also got a total of 18 FREE Sobe waters this week! No picture lol TOTALLY spaced on that since they were in the kitchen and I was taking the pictures in another room. Check out the SOBE Game daily! I keep getting BOGO coupons to print almost each day! You can print them twice daily when you do win them and they should be on sale BOGO again soon!

THEN I went to Rite Aid! Even MORE great stuff here!

First transaction,
Two Bic soleil packs of disposable razors, 4.99 each I had BOGO coupons.

One L.A. Looks hair gel, 1.99 - dollar off coupon - $1 rebate = 1 cent profit!

Two veets 6.49, but on sale for BOGO and had $3 off coupon for each. So two for .49 cents!

3 floss, on sale 99 cents- $1 off coupons= 3 cents profit (lol)

The 3D toothpaste 2.49 - $1 up rewards = 1.49

And 1 Skintimate shave gel (hm strawberry citrus scent), 1.99 - $1 coupon= $1

 The whole order came to about $26 - $5off $25 coupon. after all coupons came to 2.92, and I got $1 up and $1 rebate! so I'll have paid 92 cents!

Then I snagged these, they had a selection of shoe insoles for $5 each, buy 3 get $10 rebate and they had $1 peeleys on them. So after rebate will be 2.75 for three!

Then also found more floss at another rite aid. Again on sale 99 cents, dollar off coupons and snagged another two Trident gum packs BOGO, dollar off two coupon and a clearance dove bar *yum* So 66 cents total!

And the last chunk from rite aid...

two more veets! 6.49 and bogo with two more $3 off each = 2 for 49 cents!

four trident gum bogo, 2.58- 2 $1 coupons = .58

proglide razor 9.99 - $4 coupon - $5 rebate = .99

aussie 2/$5 - bogo coupon = 2 for 2.50 and i have a form for a freebie for buying two!

another yummy scented skintimate 1.99 - $1 coupon = $1

Whole order came to 4.05 (after 5 off 25 couopn and all the manufacturer couopns), then I'll have the $5 rebate! So 95 cent profit!!

Though I don't know how much I'll be dealing with Walgreens in the future I did go the other day and got a couple neat deals. I had a little bit of trouble, but as I do like to try and see the silver lining, they at least get back to me about the email I wrote. A manager called me from the store today and said he was sorry I had trouble and will be getting me a $10 gift card.

Got these three Benedryl and four Visine packs, but with coupons (both store in flyer and store booklet AND manufacturer!) ended up paying only $3.43 for it all!!

Then also 20 pack of washable markers, $3 and then FAR! and a box of crayons $1 and $1 register rewards.

SUCH great stuff!! 
After all is said and done I only paid *drum roll* ........  $6.58 for EVERYTIHNG!!!! 

And a random thing! I found these great coupons for 75 cents off two Snapples!
These doubled at Stop & Shop where I found them for only $1 each! So I paid (after coupons and the 5 cents off for each bag I brought with me) just over 18 dollars for 76 bottles!!

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