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Friday, August 6, 2010

My Deals Yesterday!!

I'm pretty happy with myself lol, I got some great deals yesterday!

My first stop was Rite Aid. 
I got two Veets (on sale buy one get one free this week), two bic soliel disposable packs, crest 3D white toothpaste, one skintimate shavegel, three J&J Floss, and one LA Looks hair gel.

I had two $3 off veet coupons, so i paid .49 for the two!
A buy one get one coupon for the razors so i got the two packs for 4.99.
A dollar off coupon for the LA Looks and the Skintimate, making the shavegel was $1 and the hair gel is free after rebate!
I had dollar off coupons for the floss, they're on sale 99cents so all three free!
Crest toothpaste has 1.50 up rewards on it, and i had 2 to spend.

Also I had the $5 off $25 coupon!
SO after all coupons and such I paid about $2! And I'll be getting $1.50 up rewards, and $1 in rebate! (yay me! )

Then on to Walgreens, where there weren't a lot of deals for me but I did get a 20 pack of markers, $3 but free after rebate! and a pack of crayons that was $1 with $1 register rewards.

CVS was awesome!
Sobe water is buy one get one on sale until saturday, I had 6 buy one get one coupons from the Sobe Game (can play daily)! So I got 12 bottles free! (Going back today to get more, found more coupons once I got home.)
Gillette fusion razor, 9.99 - $5 extra care bucks -$4 coupon = 99 cents
Altoids 1.49 - $1 extra care bucks = 49 cents
Dawn dish soap! only 97 cents on sale this week, and I had a bunch of $1 off coupons! So I got 6 free!!
Colgate toothpastes 2.99 - $2 extra care bucks - $1 coupon = Free!

Then I also got some great deals at shaws and stop&shop. They had this past week the spend 15 and you can double up to four $1 coupons which is great and resulted in a few free items!

More to come!

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