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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few lil Tax free weekend things

So I don't have lots of money to do shopping this weekend, but Josh and I did manage to get a couple things we needed at least.

But at Target we got two new pillows, Target brand with a $1 coupon printed off for each. (Also Josh gets his discount at Target and this month they're doing a little extra off Target brands as a thank you to employees, very awesome!) Also got two storage carts for $9 a piece (different colored ones for some reason were 3.99 more lol so weird). Got a couple food items including two archer farms coffee, which were on sale and i had $1 off each coupons printed! AND I got a total of 52 Post-it pads on sale $1 each and I had printed of LOTS of the $1 off pdf coupons!

I have some coupons for free limeades at taco bell (SO yummy btw!). So we both got a yummy cherry limeade free which was a nice treat!

Today I went to Borders (yay 33% off coupon i printed out!). and used a little of my gift card to treat myself to a brand new book! (Usually I buy used because lol its about 75% cheaper then new, but its nice now'n again to get a new one.)

I then went and got my two free drinks (yay again coupons, thanks mom *G*) at McDonalds. I got to try a small mix berry smoothie, and a small mocha frappe. Both pretty good.

Then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, had a 20% off one item coupon and gift card lol and was able to get an egg slicer, and two other lil things so I was pretty jazzed.

I did my last weeks CVS and Rite Aid deals on Saturday. I'll post those in a little while (got to get the pictures uploaded)

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

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