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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You can get several different FREE Educational Science DVD’s!
You’ll find all kinds of different topics including:
The Science of Medicine
The Virtual Lab
The Science of the Brain
The Science of Genes and Molecules
The Human Genome
“The Howard Hughes Institute offers Free educational DVD’s covering a variety of different topics. Scroll through the list and order any of the Free DVD’s that interest you”
These might be a good supplement for older science students.  I will add that I won’t necessarily be choosing all of them, but there are enough to pick and choose what will work for you.
Order yours here!

Request a FREE copy of The Art Of Ironing DVD!
May I say that I absolutely loathe ironing!  It’s true.  In fact I would much rather throw a shirt back into the dryer several times to shake out the wrinkles before I pull out my iron.  Unfortunately this morning there was nothing the dryer could do for a shirt my husband needed for work.  So I found myself ironing at 5:30 this morning.  Had it been done in the first place I wouldn’t have found myself in that situation.
So imagine how funny it was when I stumbled upon a FREE DVD to teach the proper method of ironing this morning!
Get your FREE copy today!

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