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Saturday, January 22, 2011

And More : )

Take a short Smart Ones survey to get a $4/10 coupon. January is when you find the best sales on Smart Ones. You can also get a $1/5 coupon here.

Print a $1 DenTek Floss Picks coupon. Purchase must be at least $2. (2/17/11)

Get a free sample of Purina Beneful dog food. Click here, then wait for it to rotate through. You'll see an orange button offering the free sample. It's from Walmart; these do come.

New: Get a free sample of John Frieda products, your choice from 5. Start here.

Product DetailsRenpure Organics Shampoos and Conditioners continue to display Try Me Free hangtags, and the deal is unlimited. People even report sending multiple refunds in the same envelope and being paid on several bottles. You must have a hangtag for each one. No promises; that is what has been happening for almost 2 years. From time to time there are B1G1F deals, but you'll only get the refund on the one you actually pay for. They are slow to pay, but the refunds eventually come.

<< Thanks RMC

There is a new coupon printing link called It's worth registering as the coupons featured are good ones. The sponsor is Johnson & Johnson. There are lots of Aveeno, RoC, Listerine, Clean & Clear, Johnsons Baby coupons

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