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Sunday, January 2, 2011

lol and more...

If you haven't scored one yet, you can still get a coupon for a free bottle of Excedrin, to $5.99. Start here. 12,000 are given away per day.

Do you have a baby in size 4 diapers? This might work for you.....
Arquest (a manufacturer of store brand diapers) periodically does diaper studies. They send you free diapers with a questionnaire and call you a week later for you opinion. The diapers are free and you may also get a check for $10 later. They are currently conducting a study for size 4 diapers. Call 1-888-342-7372 and use extension 662. Email your information to
  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Daytime Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Child’s Age / Weight / Gender
  • Product and product test size you are applying for
(Thanks Bargain Diva)

Facebook right now...
'Like' Ruffles and get a .99 coupon that works on the .99 bag = free
'Like VitaminWater' and print a B1G1F coupon.
'Like Nestle Drumsticks' and print a $1 coupon on Lil Drums.
'Like Sunbelt' and click on coupons tab for a $1.50 coupon

Here's a good one. Living Social  is offering a year of both Whole Living and EveryDay Food for $10 total! Go to Living Social , click on "more deals" in the left column, scroll down, and click on Columbia. Anyone can do it since it's on-line. Regular newsstand price is Whole Living $49.90 and Everday Food $35. If you are new to Living Social , you'll get $5 for signing up, but I don't know if it's instant or not. Look under "My Account", then "Deal Bucks" to see if you have the $5 credit. If you have it, that makes the two magazines just $5.

Once again, there is a new Activia Challenge. This one started yesterday, 12/20 and runs to 4/15/11. I've done the Challenge twice and was paid both times. Start here. Get up to $12 back when you use Activia.  Mail form with original store-identified cash register receipts dated 12/20/10 - 4/15/11. If you use coupons, you won't get the coupon value back. This is a satisfaction guarantee. There is a single line on the form asking why you were dissatisfied. In the past, Activia made claims they got into legal trouble over. In fact, they are now involved in a huge settlement claim because of 'exaggerations'. Dannon was ordered to pay $35 million to customers last year, and checks for up to $100 will go out to people by about March 1, 2011. So let your own experience be your guide. Personally, I didn't think Activia did anything special for me (in the digestion department), but I like the taste, so if they want to keep making these Challenges, I'll keep taking them up on it. This is fine with Activia:  "Limit to one (1) submission per family, household or address for a given game period

(< Thanks RMC for this one)

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