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Saturday, July 10, 2010

and More...

Reminder: The Allure Free Stuff contest is back Click here. The first 500 people to register each day at noon EDT with get a free gift pack. There is a different sign up Monday - Thursday. Today the product is "Votre Vu Very Magnificent Creme for the Feet". Thursday it will be "Score HerCut the Ponytail Styling Lotion". You won't know if you won. You'll just get a surprise package in the mail. Sign up everyday at noon EDT. Click here, and scroll down to see the daily contests.
Noon EDT = 11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, 9 am Pacific.
Early entries are void, so wait until the right minute. Last year there were posts from people who got the gift package and couldn't remember entering, so people do win. 

Sobe game click here  Every day that I win the B1G1F coupon, I'm able to print two using my back button. "Back", "Refresh" "Retry" is the key to printing the extra coupon. I think they are resetting the bricks coupon every 24 hours, with two prints allowed, so you can win the B1G1F pretty much every day until September.

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