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Saturday, June 12, 2010


 Print the form for a free movie ticket from Hershey's for 4 proofs of purchase from 10 oz + bags of candy. You can print more than one form, but each has a unique code on it, so you have to complete the registration over again, then print as you go. Your Fandango code will come via email so make sure your email address is accurate. The ticket is worth up to $12. (6/30/10

Here is the link for the SC Johnson $5 rebate. The other link got pulled. The terms are the same. Limit 3 rebates per person, good until 6/30/10. Products include: Ziploc, Glade, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Shout, Fantastik, Drano, Raid, Off, Saran, Nature's Source. 

Print the form for a free gardening kit from Gold'n Plump (6/30/10) Send original cash tapes and UPCs for 3 packages of Gold'n Plump Extra Tender Chicken

Print the form for a $5 rebate on 16 oz Clean + Green Aerosol Pet Cleaning product. (6/30/10) Must send within 30 days of purchase. Requires cash tape. 

Get a free purple apron from Cooking Light. Purchase 2 products from this list: Eggland's Best, International Delight CoffeeHouse Inspirations Skinny, McCormick Recipe Inspirations, Pepperidge Farm Frozen Breads, New Sargento Reduced Sodium Cheeses. Send original receipt(s) with products circled, as proof of purchase. You'll receive the apron along with 'advertiser samples and coupons'. Value: $25. See the full write up here. (6/18/10) No form is needed. Send your NAZ on a 3x5 card along with receipts. While supply lasts. Mail to:
Cooking Light Happy Reward 2010
c/o USSC, 625 Panorama Trail Bldg 2 Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14625-2437

Print form for Daily's Fruit Mixers $2 or $5 refund. Send cash tape dated between 6/1/9 - 7/1/10 with price circled. 7/15/10

Print the form for a $3 or $7 rebate on Daily's Bag-in-Box, Pouch 4 pack or Single Serve 4 pack (7/1/10)

Print the form for a free Finlandia Green Bag for 4 Finlandia Cheese proofs (6/30/10)

Febreze Noticeables Money-Back Guarantee to $8.99 (6/30/10) click here.

The $10 coupon on The Princess and The Frog Blu-Ray Combo pack is now live at this link. It is very short dated, expiring 3/21/10. Print the form for a $5 rebate on Disney's The Princess and the Frog DVD and/or Blu-Ray and a roll of FrogTape. * You can also print a $5 rebate form for the purchase of the Blu-Ray Combo Pack or DVD plus 2 Band-Aid products (6/30/10) * $5 rebate on The Princess and The Frog, this one from Success Rice, click here. Here is the actual form. (6/30/10) It requires 2 Success Rice proofs. 

Gorton's Sudoku Offer Send 3 Gorton's UPCs plus check or money order for $1.99 to receive Sodoku puzzles. (6/30/10) Click here

Print off the form for a free Kellogg's Star Trek Tee Shirt with 9 tokens from Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size, Crispix, Rice Krispies all flavors, Kellogg's Corn Flakes. (6/30/10) Limit 5 tees per household. There are 3 designs - Captains Tee, Operations Tee, Science and Medical Tee. Adult sizes S, M, L, XL. While supply lasts.

Print out the form for free gear for Kool Aid points.
T-shirt = 125 pts + $2  (limit 20) kids L or adult L
Pitcher = 70 pts + $1.75  (limit 20)
Smile Beach Towel 350 pts + $4.45 (limit 20)
Packet Holder 20 pts + $1.75
No cash tapes required. (6/30/10)

Print the form for a free Star Trek movie ticket for 5 Star Trek Official Movie Pass Vouchers from SMPs of Kellogg's Pop Tarts. (6/30/10)

Kelloggs is offering a reusable tote bag for 2 Kellogg cereal proofs plus $1.75 p/h. Since there are so many totally free bags, this isn't as exciting as it could be. But the bags are big and colorful, much prettier than the generic tan bags. Print form here. (6/30/10) - Update: Readers report the colors on the totes are faded, not bright like this picture shows. 

Print the form for a purchase price guarantee on Liquid-Plumr up to $9 (6/30/10)

Mr. Clean Money Back Guarantee Get $6 for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, $4 Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaners. Requires cash tapes. Call 1-866-790-5382 by 6/30/10. See the write-up here.

First, buy a method Laundry Detergent with smartclean technology. Then go to this link and fill out all the fields, then print your personalized form. Click whether you prefer the coupon or the check. It's interesting that they ask for the reason for your dissatisfaction, then offer you a coupon for the same thing up to $15.49. Is this really a money back challenge or a more subtle refund? At the same website, you can print a $2 coupon. (6/30/10)

Vicks Money-Back Guarantee on NyQuil. If you are not completely satisfied with your Vicks NyQuil Original Liquid or Cherry Liquid purchase, Vicks will send you a full refund click here (6/30/10

Oral-B $15 refund on your next dental visit. Buy any Oral-B Pulsonic, ProfessionalCare or Sonic Complete rechargeable toothbrush. Must send original cash tape. click here (6/30/10

Go to Ortega and print the form for a free recipe book: "Ortega Mexican Favorites Cookbook Offer". Requires $2.50 and one Ortega proof of purchase, but comes with $10 in coupons. Expires 6/30/10

See the information about two money-back guarantees on Pantene products. They do not require forms. Print your information on 3x5 cards. One is good for up to $20, and the other is up to $12. Void in ME. (6/30/10)

Print the form for a $4 rebate on the purchase of Sun Maid Raisins and Hannah Montana The Movie on Blu-Ray or DVD (6/30/10)

Print the form for a money-back guarantee on Shout Advanced Gel 14 oz up to $4.50 (6/30/10)
Hannah Montana: The Movie $4: Buy one Sunmaid product and Hannah Montana The Movie.  Click here for form (6/30/10

Sargento Calendar with coupons Receive a Sargento Discover Wisconsin 2010 calendar for $1.95. No proofs of purchase, no cash tapes, no limit. (6/30/10) click here

Print the form for a $5 refund on three Seventh Generation products excluding single roll paper. (6/30/10) Send form and cash tape with products circled.

Print the form for a free tote bag for two Scotch-Brite Greener Clean product UPCs and receipt. (6/30/10

Print $2 refund form on Stopain (6/30/10)

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